The body of the 24-year-old Arietta Mata was being stored more than 1,100 km from her home, in an Italian mortuary, for 18 months. The Hungarian girl was murdered near Modena 1.5 years ago.

The investigation has now been completed. The victim’s family had the opportunity to bring the body home to Hungary; however, they do not have enough financial resources to cover the cost of the body’s transportation home, which costs millions of HUF.

Transporting the body home costs 2 million HUF ~ 6,200 EUR

Arietta’s family already informed the consulate that they would like a decent burial for their beloved daughter, but unfortunately, they do not have enough money for the body’s transportation. In recent days, several Italian journals picked up the tragic story of Arietta, describing her as “the forgotten girl.”

According to them, two charitable organisations have joined forces in order to collect the money for the girl’s repatriation and decent funeral.

The Hungarian news portal Borsonline managed to talk with the father who said he was relieved that the derogatory calvary around the burial of her daughter is approaching its end.

“About two months ago, they asked us whether we would contribute to the cremation of our daughter’s body. Her transportation to Hungary would cost more than 2 million HUF ~ 6,200 EUR, but unfortunately, we do not have this amount of money.”

“They said that the ceremony would be realised this month, but we haven’t received any notice yet. I asked them to inform us beforehand so that we can at least light a candle for her at home,” – said Ferenc Mata to Borsonline. “Of course, we would like to receive her ashes as well, but unfortunately, we are in a vulnerable situation,” – said the grieving father.

She was thrown in front of a train

Arietta worked as a prostitute in Italy, and her body was found last January. Pasquale C. lured her into his car, where they started to fight. She resisted and wanted to run away, but the fifty-year-old attacker caught and strangled the 24-year-old Hungarian girl. He drove the car with the body inside until getting to a train station, where he threw the body in front of a train to make it look like the girl was hit by a train.

The police found 680 EUR at the killer which was taken from the victim. Later on, it was revealed that Pasquale was sentenced to 28 years of imprisonment in 1994, after having tortured and killed an old cashier lady in Milan. He took 700.000 ITL ~ 360 EUR from the victim. In the end, he spent  23 years in prison and has been working as a storekeeper since his release.

Where is the child?

6 years ago, Arietta moved away from her family, with whom she regularly kept in touch via the phone. Their last talk was one month before the tragic event.

“She said she definitely wanted to come home soon, but unfortunately, this could not be arranged. In the camera, she introduced us to a small child whose father was her roommate.

We do not know anything about the child since her death; however, we would be pleased to raise him – explained the father, who is planning to fight with the help of a lawyer for the compensation of his daughter’s death.”















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