According to, criminals sought for murder by the German and Norwegian authorities have been caught by the Hungarian police at the border crossing point of Roszke and Csanadpalota – Csongrad County Police spokesperson said on Wednesday.

Szabolcs Szenti said: at the Csanadpalota highway border crossing point, two Austrian and one Turkish citizens with a car with Austrian license plates signed to exit on October 5. The Schengen Information System indicated that a European arrest warrant was issued by the German police against one of passengers of the car, a 30-year-old Turkish man, for the murder of his wife three days earlier. The Hungarian police took the man into custody; the Budapest Tribunal ordered the transfer arrest next day.

The Norwegian police issued a European arrest warrant against a Kosovo citizen for murder and other crimes in 2005. The 46-year-old man signed to enter as a passenger of a taxi on Tuesday afternoon. The man gave the passport controller a Serbian passport to check. The Schengen Information System indicated that – although the document was issued for the name of another person – there is a European arrest warrant against the man – the Major said.

According to the Norwegian authorities, the 46-year-old Kosovo citizen is one of the most wanted criminals of the Scandinavian country. The policemen took him into custody, the Budapest Tribunal will decide about the transfer arrest – the spokesman said.


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  1. Well God Damnit!! The Hungarian fence works MR. EU Antagonist!! Did you want them sent back to Europe, no problem Hungary will remove the fence. Just Formally ask, I’m sure if you want to kill europeans, that’s the mentality to follow.
    However, Hungary’s, Russia’s, China’s, experience’s in the past differs greatly and doesn’t support your ignorant and submissive views…..

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