Szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu reports that recently, more and more charity boxes are appearing in Hungarian streets that are part of a new initiative under the name “I give you food.” As the name of the inititative makes you guess, the mysterious boxes hold different types of food offered to those in need. With the coming winter season, there is an urgent need for initiatives like this that highlight that there are many people who lack proper food.

These boxes give some hope to people living on the streets, because they can pick some of the confectioneries, jams and sandwiches put into the boxes. The 1st boxes were placed in Budafok, Rózsavölgy and Halásztelek, and anyone who would like to help can place non-perishable food into them.

This is how the charity boxes look like facebook/Re-Formáló

The idea comes from the Re-Formáló Organization that decided to place boxes in Buda and Pest and in the agglomeration of the capital with the help of volunteers and contributors. The boxes are impermiable and the maintenance is the responsibility of volunteers. Each day, volunteers visit the boxes and check out the expiration date of the products and also make sure that there is no dried food in them. Furthermore, they also wipe the boxes with antiseptic tissues.

On the facebook page of the Organization, many comments can be read that show the gratefulness of the people for whom the initiative provides a little hope.

“You did not start your charitable work today. When I could not breathe, when our family became poverty-stricken and my husband became unemployed… the gas was shut off, I could only pay a part of the OTP loan. I got warmth, food and opportunity. Now, you help more and more people and I hope that they would not forget your help as I will not, either.

The organization expressed its gratefulness towards the supporters.

“Some of the boxes are supported by companies, but more supporters are needed for the continuous and varied operation of the organization. The local inhabitants are fantastic and we need you now and in the future, too.

Do not forget that instead of the bins, a better option is to put the food into the “I give you food” boxes. Many families cannot afford to cook. They do not have the necessary ingredients or the cooking facilities. Consequently, they are very grateful for a portion of food.

As there are many kids in these families, fruits and vegetables can be also great contributions. To sum it up, we are on our way, and together we can make miracles happen.”

“I give you food” boxes in different towns /facebook/Re-Formáló/

The organization also asks students to think about others when they do not eat their snacks, and instead of discarding what they do not eat, they should put their leftover into the boxes to help those in need. The message of the organization is that a tiny attention might help to serve a meal for somebody, and that is what we should keep in mind during the coming Christmas holiday.

Featured image: facebook/Re-Formáló

Source: szeretlekmagyarorszag.hu

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