Organizations that are helping children will get some support both inside and outside the borders of Hungary. The point of Magyarok Kenyere (The Bread of Hungarians) program is to gather grain from the Hungarian population of the Carpathian Basin and to return it to those in need in the form of flour and bread.

According to, the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture’s local units host a grain collection and the Festival of Bread. The Festival of Merging will be held on 13th August, and the central Festival of Bread will take place on 20th August in Pécs. Law professor László Korinek, who came up with the idea, gave Kossuth Radio an interview recently.

“We host a supporting program that might be beneficial for both Hungarians and non-Hungarians. We ask those helping us to gather not only for Hungarians but also the children of the majority nations. Our intentions are good,” he emphasized.

The program’s fame reached beyond the Carpathian Basin. “There are people from Canada, America, Australia and Sweden who are asking how they could join the process. Not only Hungarians send grain, but the majority nations as well, so people can be part of a greater good even with a very little effort,” László Korinek highlighted.

It is not impossible that the program will be extended to other countries as well. “I was approached by a Dutch person who asked me about extending this initiation to the Netherlands. I said, why not? Whoever does this, they do good.”

It is likely that the program will soon become a “Hungarikum,” a characteristic Hungarian thing. “Currently the Collection of Hungarian Values is dealing with the case, and it will get into the Collection of Hungarikums as a cultural heritage,” László Korinek stated in his interview on Radio Kossuth.

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