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National Geographic recently collected six places where you can unexpectedly meet tastes of each corner of the world. Europe is represented by Budapest in the article from three aspects. It seems like they were captivated by our food scene 😉

The article recommends gastronomic adventures in different places by three aspects: they list the best neighbourhoods for food frenzy, getting fancy and DIY-s.

Regarding the best neighbourhood for food frenzy, they suggest that – especially if you only have a few days to spend in the capital – one should definitely spend it in the 7th district. There’s no reason to wander anywhere else since there are plenty of restaurants specialised for international cuisine in the Jewish Quarter. Furthermore, after your abundant meal, you can finish the gastro experience in a buoyant pub.

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Karaván is a foodie’s dream with its yard full of street food trucks and delicacies. “Don’t leave without trying lángos, that is fried flatbread, usually topped with grated cheese and sour cream.” The writer also recommends visiting the New York Café, one of the world’s most beautiful coffeehouses. “The food holds its own against the ornate interior (think marble, gold leaf, and red velvet).” Naturally, the leading ruin pub, Szimpla Kert can’t be missing from the list. “This unique spot is one of Budapest’s “ruin pubs,” eateries housed in old and derelict buildings.”


Next up is the best neighbourhood to get fancy. The Castle District is one of the oldest parts of Budapest, where you can find amazing restaurants along the cobbled streets and cosy buildings. The writer highlights Alabárdos, founded in 1964, which features solely Hungarian ingredients. “Ask for the secret chef’s-choice menu.” And if you’re a fan of caviar, then you should visit Arany Kaviár, an opulent restaurant specialised in Russian food.

Arany Kaviár

Lastly, when it comes to the best neighbourhood for Do It Yourself, Budapest markets and especially the Great Market Hall is recommended. The endless stands offer a wide variety of ingredients. “Make a pilgrimage here for local meats, cheeses, and produce, as well as spices (smoked paprika is a must), pastries, and souvenirs.”

Well, we couldn’t agree more: Budapest is a unique gastro destination which dazzles tourists with peculiar flavours.

Photos:árÉtterem, SzimplaKert, Károly Szelényi

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