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The election of national minority self-government representatives will be held on October 13, coinciding with the election of local council representatives and mayors, the National Election Committee (NVB) said on Tuesday.

A total of 2,715 national minority votes will be held around the country, election committee said.

In line with the law, the committee had to decide which minorities in which towns and villages were eligible to hold elections. The date had to coincide with the day of the local council elections and the campaign for the national minority elections will also start on August 24.

All 13 national minorities in Hungary registered by law are entitled to hold elections.

National minority elections can be held in towns and villages where at least 25 people stated during the 2011 census that they belonged to the same national minority. Based on this data, the NVB invited 2,715 national minority elections, including 1,383 for Roma, 547 for Germans, 168 for Romanians, 158 for Slovaks, 136 for Croatians, 63 for Serbs, 53 for Poles, 47 for Ukrainians, 44 for Ruthenians, 37 for Bulgarians, 36 for Greeks, 33 for Armenians and ten for Slovenians.

Based on the number of national minorities registered in each locality, the NVB set the number of members in each national minority self-government.

There will be 15 members in the Armenian, Bulgarian, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Ruthenian, Serbian, Slovenian and Ukrainian self-governments, 31 members in the Croatian and Slovak self-governments and 47 in the German and Roma minority self-governments.


Source: MTI

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