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Radical nationalist Mi Hazánk is calling for a boycott of US soft drink maker Coca-Cola over the company’s recently-launched advertisement campaign promoting gay acceptance, party leader László Toroczkai said on Thursday.

Until Coca-Cola “stops promoting homosexuality”, Mi Hazánk will organise protests against it on a weekly basis and will call on its supporters to join a boycott of the company’s products, Torockai told a press conference in front of the US multinational’s premises in Dunaharaszti near Budapest.

He said the company has admitted that it was campaigning for same-sex marriage in two countries and is a supporter of the local Pride festival in a number of countries.

Mi Hazánk believes a soft drink company “has no business involving itself in politics or interfering in other people’s private lives and its job is not to try to strengthen forms of social deviance”, Torockai said.

He called on Coca-Cola to “return to its own field of business” and “not to attack families, traditional values or society”.

As his party’s first act of protest, Torockai poured Coca-Cola products offered up by Mi Hazánk’s supporters out onto the asphalt in front of the company’s premises.

Source: MTI

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  1. I wonder why hes shouting like this? Its a proven fact that anti gay views are often a cover for their own homosexuality

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