Budapest, April 13 (MTI) – As the attacks carried out by Islamic State (IS) against the international community were “acts of barbarian terrorism”, Hungary has an “inevitable moral obligation” to react to them, Zsolt Nemeth, the head of parliament’s foreign affairs committee, said on Monday.

Nemeth briefed reporters after a closed-door session of the foreign affairs and national security committees that discussed the national security aspects of Hungary’s planned involvement in the international coalition fighting against IS.

Later today, Parliament is scheduled to discuss a government proposal for dispatching Hungarian troops to Erbil in the Kurdistan region of northern Iraq.

Nemeth said that Hungary was closely cooperating with Iraq and would fulfil Iraqi request by participating in the international mission.

The “anti-Christian genocide taking place in that country has been a rather sensitive issue for the Hungarian government which is dedicated to Christian values,” he said.

Bernadett Szel of the opposition LMP said her party maintained its position that Hungary’s involvement in the anti-IS coalition would increase security risk within the country. Parliament would commit a “gross error” if it gave the green light to it, she said.

Photo: MTI


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