According to, a new Hungarian campaign, a mobile café is to be launched in Budapest in order to provide long-term help for homeless people, an opportunity by which they might become able look after themselves.

The situation of homeless people is rather difficult: getting a job requires permanent residency, however, as long as you do not have a job it is really tough to afford and maintain even an apartment.

Might be a good idea to start it in the countryside too, as two-thirds of Hungary’s homeless people live there

Luckily though, a new Hungarian company aims to change that by establishing the Tekergő Teve (Wandering Camel), a mobile, completely self-serving café, in Budapest. Thanks to its low cost of maintenance the café provides a great and unique opportunity for homeless people to change their lives.

It offers a long-term solution, a new chance instead of temporary help: wages, debt settlements, legal representation and psychological help would be ensured. Selling 50 coffees a day, for example, would result in a nice payment.

Moreover, this café could reach places others cannot, such as closed squares, areas in front of churches and festivals. The unique technology it works with enables Tekergő Teve to make 1000 coffees of its own resources, without having any troubles because of its weight.

Founders of the mobile café try to help as many homeless people as possible with the help of Indiegogo. Their further aims include the launch of a project, the Wandering Café VeloBloud, which is “a tricycle-borne café” and would be available in Budapest and in Prague. For that they are collecting the money through community finance. They have 355 USD so far.


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