MÁV, KISS, Nyugati, train, Hungary
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The whole country will be conquered by forty brand-new electric double-decker trains introduced by the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) called KISS. The trains will be used for both short and long-distance travels after they pass their test runs.

Daily News Hungary reported before that State-owned Hungarian railway company MÁV ordered forty Stadler-KISS double-decker electric trains from Swiss manufacturer; Stadler Bussnang AG back in April 2017, and the first two are finally done. The new trains are scheduled to commence operating in February 2020.

MÁV ordered 40 KISS “double-decker” trains altogether, 11 in the first phase in 2018. These first 11 trains are scheduled to commence operating in Dunakeszi in February 2020

KISS, MÁV, train, Hungary
Photo: www.facebook.com/mavcsoport
KISS double decker train
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According to Magyar Nemzet, the most significant thing that has ever happened to MÁV was the production of electric trains. These brand-new trains offer seats for almost 600 people which aims to decrease the number of overcrowded lines in the country’s train system. In Dunakeszi, the maintenance and other critical mechanical works are being continuously done, and MÁV started to show these monumental trains at railway stations as well for the first time.

MÁV, KISS, train, Dunakeszi, Hungary
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MÁV reported that the education of KISS-drivers begins soon. In the first part of the project, the trains will operate on two lines: Budapest Nyugati Railway Station–Vác–Szob and Budapest Nyugati–Cegléd–Szolnok. By 2022, MÁV would like to replace many lines in the suburbs of Budapest with KISS trains.

Moreover, lines to Győr, Balaton, Tatabánya, Komárom, Cegléd, Szolnok, Székesfehérvár, Kelenföld and Kőbánya–Kispest will also feature these new double-decker trains. But Eger, Miskolc, Békéscsaba and Debrecen are also included in the project.

MÁV, KISS, train, line, Hungary
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KISS is spacious, heated, features air conditioning, and there is enough place for many bicycles. With its twelve doors, KISS will allow passengers to take off and on as quickly as possible. They are capable of a speed of 120 km/h but even 200 km/h.

MÁV, KISS, train, passengers, Hungary
Photo: www.facebook.com/mavcsoport

Hungarian state railways to buy double decker electric trains from Stadler

Budapest, April 12 (MTI) – MÁV-Start, the passenger transport division of Hungarian state railways, is purchasing forty Stadler-KISS double-decker electric trains with the plan to deploy them in the spring of 2019, it was announced on Wednesday after the contract was signed.


Source: www.magyarnemzet.hu

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