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Three young tourists climbed up to the top of the Chain Bridge, and one of them fell into the Danube on Wednesday evening, Index and Blikk report. The police are still looking for the missing man. It is not only extremely dangerous to go on top of the bridge but also illegal unless you get a legal permit 30 days in advance.

Witnesses reported to Index that three people climbed up to the bridge and one of them fell into the water on Wednesday evening, around 10 p.m.

Later, other witnesses told Blikk that the three young men arrived at the Chain Bridge on a tour bus. The three men climbed up to the bridge, one of them slightly ahead of the others, and he was taking off his trousers.

The other two men, who were a couple of meters behind, started recording the man up front with their phones. According to a witness, the man’s two friends seemed to encourage the young man instead of talking him out of what he was doing. Only a few seconds later, the man fell into the water.

According to witnesses, the man was presumably American. The police and the fire brigade arrived shortly after the man had fallen.

Even though the witness said that it had not seemed like a suicide attempt at all, the police treat the case as such. Police are still trying to find him as a missing person.

As Daily News Hungary also reported, Will Smith celebrated his stay in Hungary in July by climbing up to the top of the Chain Bridge to film a video. The video became extremely popular immediately, however, Smith did not have a legal permit to climb the bridge. He should have got a permit 30 days in advance, according to Hungarian regulations. It is extremely dangerous to go on top of the bridge.

Even though Smith was not charged with causing danger to the public or to the traffic, people are concerned that his actions might encourage young followers to attempt the same and climb up to the top of the bridge, which, as we can see, is extremely dangerous.

Will Smith can learn a lot from the Hungarian umbrella man

UPDATE! Meanwhile, a well-informed reader was kind enough to let us know that the gentleman who jumped was not young, nor with the two other people. He was around 60. The two men were trying to stop him and were holding him back, and were distraught after the man jumped shouting that he wanted to die.

Featured image: Bódis Krisztián / Budapest Images


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