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The New Generation Centre has opened an office and talent centre in London on 17 February, where Katalin Novák, Minister of State for Family and Youth Affairs from the Ministry of Human Capacities was also present, reports

After twenty such offices in Hungary, this was the first occasion that the Centre has opened one abroad. The main goal of the programme is to support talented Hungarians who are currently living in the United Kingdom, and to help them maintain contact with Hungary. Students living in Hungary will also have the opportunity to show their talents in the UK, and gather possible investors for their brands and products.

Hungarian students in the UK welcomed the New Generation Centre. According to Novák, a meeting point like this is needed for those living abroad. Here people can share their experiences, but can also get help if needed. As she explained, the London office is “an exciting experiment,” and they got an immense amount of positive feedback.

The Hungarians Scientists Club in London, which was founded a couple of weeks ago and its goal is to provide a forum for scientists working in the UK to introduce their work and develop their relations,  had already made an agreement about working together with the New Generation Centre’s office. One of their main goal is to create a mentor programme for students studying in UK universities that will link them with UK scientists and Hungarian scientific workshops.

The Minister added that young people working abroad are a great resource for the Hungarian government, and the country can greatly benefit from their work whether they are students in higher education, or work in the scientific-, or blue collar sector.

To the question whether there are any plans for opening more offices outside of Hungary Novák replied that they will seriously consider opening other offices if they prove to be as successful as they seem now, and if they can really help the talented Hungarians.

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