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Nokia introduced the digital Rubik’s cube to the great audience, at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, the cube has one colour only, black or white. The cube’s colours will only be seen with a glass to the extended reality, appearing on a screen. Budapest University of Technology and the Nokia Bell Labs developed this device in Budapest, and it can even help users to solve the cube.

The new version of Ernő Rubik‘s cube was presented in the prestigious expo in the United States, writes Hungarian tech website in this article. The widely famous Hungarian puzzle, Rubik’s cube has now reached another level its history.

The cube was made by 3D printing in Hungary and it contains several sensors so the application can identify the game’s real motions, also various rotations by our hands and transport it to the extended reality. (AR)


Due to the intelligent solutions and the real-time sensor communication, the device will convert the different gestures on the cube with only a 20 milliseconds delay, which is highly important for the human brain because we are only capable to handling such short, or shorter delays. If the display was somewhat longer than 20 milliseconds, then the virtual reality would cause us unwell feelings, we would not feel convenient at all. More opportunities of 5G can be revealed, it seems, especially if the computer’s reply was within 10 milliseconds.

It would mean a better gameplay feeling for the user.

The virtual Rubik’s cube had been shown on one of the most significant technological expositions CES in Las Vegas between 8-11th of January 2019. The show that introduces definitive technological innovations and trends brought about 4500 exhibitors and 180 thousand visitors from all around the world, mainly representatives of global technological corporations, journalists, and researchers of innovation.

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