Rubik Ernő invention

If you have been following us for a while, you are well aware that we are big fans of Hungarian inventions. And when it comes to Hungarian inventions, the Rubik’s Cube is probably the N° 1 search result. recently came across a video by Mashable who were curious to find out about the man behind the world-famous puzzle.

A few weeks ago we shared another article about the inventor and how he solved his own creation. It seems like Ernő Rubik has been a fascinating interview subject for many companies lately.

The success of the world’s most famous cube is truly dazzling.

People use it for different things all around the world: a French pastry chef creates colourful cube cakes, an Italian guy uses the cubes for portraits of famous people, while it has also been featured in movies like Snowden.

From the video we find out:

  • what the original purpose of the cube was,
  • that you need 20 steps minimum to solve it, but if you want to be fast, it is better to choose more,
  • and that the inventor believes that the success of the puzzle comes down to it being a universal, transcultural and translingual challenge made up of simple shapes.

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