Rubik's Cube video

Since the 1970s, millions of people have been admiring Ernő Rubik’s world-famous puzzle, trying to figure out new and witty ways to solve it.  But how did the inventor come up with such a unique idea? Well, according to the crew of Great Big Story, it all started in the beautiful city of Budapest and the beautiful mind of Ernő Rubik.

Ernő was a design and architecture lecturer who wanted to find a new way to teach his students about three-dimensional space.

Little did he know that his teaching aid would become the world’s number one puzzle.

The Rubik’s Cube career is truly dazzling. People use it for different things all around the world: a French pastry chef creates colourful cube cakes, an Italian guy uses the cubes for portraits of famous people, while it has also been featured in movies like Snowden.

But how did Ernő Rubik crack his own code? You can find out about the secret in Great Big Story’s video:

“It’s a reminder never to give up. There is always a solution. If today not everything is good, it doesn’t mean tomorrow cannot be better. Depends on you.”


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