According to napi.hu, a new Hungarian airline called RonanAir will start operating next summer. The company was founded in 2014 by Rohan Nanayakkara, who is a Sri Lankan businessman and Honorary Consul of Hungary in Sri Lanka (since 1993). 

We reported previously that a new airline would be introduced soon, but the project had to be postponed. Today the company sticks strongly to the project, even though it would not be profitable in the first two years. RonanAir would like to make travelling between significant European cities and lesser-known destinations more comfortable.

Budapest Airport already announced several new international destinations. The situation is different with RonanAir. According to the current plans, only European flights would be scheduled at first. The first destinations included Zagreb, Ljubljana, Salzburg and Rijeka, but recently new ones have been added to the list, e.g. Alexandroupoli (Greece), Bern and Cagliari (Sicily).

It is an interesting fact that these flights would not only take off from Liszt Ferenc International Airport but from Hévíz and Debrecen as well, although pilots have not been hired yet.

Ronan Airlines already existed in 2014, but the company did not earn enough financial support to start its operation. In 2017 the airline reportedly earned 5.48 billion Hungarian forints of support which equals to approximately 16 million Euros. This sum seems to be enough for the company’s start.

The original plans were to start in October 2017. Due to the hardships of creating a well-organised airline company, it had to be postponed, but the members of RonanAir strongly believe in the project’s success and assure that Hungary will be proud to have its own airline again.

Another purpose for the company is to make Hungary the centre of the Central-European air transportation system.

Source: napi.hu

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  1. Congratulations with new Hungarian airline with the hope that to land at Beirut International airport because Lebanon is always the center for tourists and transits post to many European and Far Easter countries
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