Hungary railway innovation technology

The first such train started to commute in August in the Budapest-Vác-Szob line while the second made its first journey on September 21 to Cegléd. From Monday, a new bi-level train will start its test period on the Vác line.

According to Portfolio, the Hungarian Railways ordered 40 KISS trains equipped with air-conditioning, passenger information systems, 600 seats, and four toilets of which one is available even for disabled people. There is space for four wheelchairs, 12 bicycles, and five baby carriages on the multifunctional trains. Furthermore, there is Wi-Fi-connection and power outlets for laptops and smartphones. Moreover,

a surveillance camera system provides safety for everybody. 

According to the plans, by the end of 2022, modern KISS, FLIRT, and DESIRO trains will connect Budapest with its suburbs.

As we reported before, violating mask-wearing rules on Hungarian trains caused a total of 172 minutes of delay the week before. In some of the cases, police action was necessary due to the aggression of passengers. According to the Hungarian State Railways (MÁV), even though it is mandatory to wear a mask on trains, ticket inspectors had to take action

in 10 cases because some passengers did not wear protective equipment the week before.

The carelessness of some passengers caused severe delays on the lines. Furthermore, aggression was also experienced in some of the cases. On a train at Lake Balaton, a passenger who had been warned to wear a mask during his journey hit the chief ticket inspector. After the incident, the ticket inspector had such severe injuries that he needed medical help; police action was taken, and the railway company pressed charges against the perpetrator.

Furthermore, the case caused many delays on the line. As Hungarian news portal 24 reported, these cases make it clear that anyone who does not comply with the regulations, besides endangering the health of himself/herself and others, also

causes unnecessary annoyance to passengers.


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