MAP Healthwatch is a device that scans its user’s health status. This model is currently the most accurate one in the market. The crowd funding campaign for the mass production of the watch launched on 3 October. The developers promise equipped sensors that can prevent heart attack, as reported.

The acronym MAP stands for Measure, Analyze and Predict, which are exactly what the watch does. The name refers to the fact that the stylish apparatus is constantly measuring and analyzing its user’s medical data with the help of a complex algorithm.

If a problem is about to emerge, the watch sends warnings in advance.

The developers claim that this Hungarian invention – which is only one of the many on the field of medicine this year – consists of five different medical sensors, so this model scans the health status of its user the most accurately among the smart watches.

It determines the medical condition based on seven parameters like heart rate, electrodermal activity and surface heat. Once these data are gathered, a special program analyzes them.

Gabriella Streedruder from Medical Evolution Ltd. stated that they have been developing and setting the algorithms for 4 years. She added that the device includes the most recent generation of sensors in order to avoid the blurring of data. MAP Health Watch was designed to save thousands of lives and help the medical experts’ work by merging different technologies.

The style of the smart watch was adjusted to be both decorative and comfortable. The device can be worn all day and night, and it is useful to do so. The watch is available in multiple colors.

The developers state that MAP Healthwatch is constantly scanning seven important parameters during usage.

The gathered data are transferred to a safe server where computer programs analyze them continuously. This makes it possible for the medical experts to warn the users in time. Moreover, MAP Healthwatch is not only useful but also good-looking and stylish, as the creators highlight.

The first fully functioning prototypes are ready, but mass production requires more funds.

That is the reason why the company launched an Indiegogo campaign.

The first watches are purchasable through crowd funding. The price of MAP Healthwatch is 450 dollars.


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