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Magyar építők reports that the M44 expressway will connect to the M8 highway near Nagykőrös. Furthermore, a more than 500 metres long bridge will be built at the recently announced 10 kilometres long passage between Tiszakürt and Lakitelek.

The procurement tender has been announced for the M44 expressway’s section between Tiszakürt and Lakitelek, where a new bridge over the Tisza river will be built – reports Magyar építők, based on EU procurement data. M44 will grant the expressway access to Békéscsaba.

A new bridge over the Tisza

The winning tenderer is allowed to design and build the 2×2 lane expressway’s 9.9 kilometres long passage between Tiszakürt and Kondoros from the 21+100 km segment.

As part of the constructions, a 556 metres long bridge is being built arching over the Tisza river,

the plans of which are made by Uvaterv Zrt. The bridge’s largest free slot will be 152 metres.

While the new passage is built, two separate-level intersections will be made and the engineering ranch near Lakitelek will be worked up. The investor company, Nemzeti Infrastruktúrafejlesztő Zrt. (NIF), considers the planning and building of the passage between the 4625 road and the 44 main road, along with that of the connected rail crossing and intersection, as a possible development to be carried out by the winning tenderer.

M44 is continually developed

M44 will connect the M8 highway (from Nagykőrös) to Békéscsaba, and its longest, 66 kilometres long, passage will be built as three separate projects:

– Duna Aszfalt Kft. and Hódút Kft. works on the 20.5 kilometres long passage between Tiszakürt and Kunszentmárton
– EuroAszfalt Kft., Swietelsky Magyarország Kft., Soltút Kft. and A-Híd Zrt. works together on the 20.5 km long passage connecting Kunszentmárton and Csabacsűd
– Duna Aszfalt and Hódút work again on the 20.4 km long passage between Csabacsűd and Kondoros.

The three projects involve altogether 4 intersections, 49 bridges, 4 animal crossings, and 5 ecological crossings.

At the first passage, a 450 metres long steel bridge will arch over the Körös river near Kunszentmárton, that follows the architectural customs of the already existing Körös-bridges.

photo: Uvaterv Zrt., via


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