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New Hungarian street food craze at the gates of world success

New Hungarian street food craze at the gates of world success

According to, the buffet carts recalling the classical BKV (Budapest Traffic Company) vehicles have appeared with their bagel-like food,  the ring two weeks ago. In a short time, the product has become so popular that there are several foreigners who are interested in it.

Street food is one of the novelties. You can buy several food and drinks, which can be consumed on the go. Its advantage is not only that the food will be prepared before our eyes, quickly, but it is much cheaper than restaurant dishes.

Although Budapest Bakering is still in its infancy, but is has gained immense popularity in a short time. What’s the secret? Three carts which are like the classic BKV-vehicles, mobile apps and the ring. The food, which is similar to bagels, but it isn’t – is protected by patent. The ring can be characterized the most accurately when we say: this is a 10-11-cm, round, holey pastry which has a very special filling, said.

The current lineup, which continues to grow based on sales data:

  • Ewe cheese – bacon – green pesto
  • Sausage – apricots
  • Blue cheese – dried fruits and nuts
  • Honey ginger with candied lemon
  • Goat cheese wrapped in ham with figs
  • Spinach-Feta
  • Dried tomatoes and parmesan

The ring doesn’t require heating; we can purchase and eat it for HUF 300 whenever we want it. The classic BKV-vehicle-like carts can come in the 7th at any time, since they had a special permit which allows them to move during the sale.

Adam Lendvai, creator of Budapest Bakering said to that you can call the ring even through their online platform. If a lot of people want to buy, they can call the cart by a large magnet. But they also thought of the lonely: for them, a bicycle courier delivers the product. The company is so popular that business deals have arrived from several foreign cities. So the Hungarian street food-craze can find itself on the streets of the European cities soon.

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Photo: Budapest Bakering Facebook page


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