The new 500-hectare racing complex will be built on the Northside of Hortobágy, in the agglomeration of Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, and Miskolc – in the immediate neighbourhood of Hajdúnánás.

The tender for designing the new multi-functional racing complex that can be used for both bike and car races was won by none other than the BORD Architectural Studio, Hvg says.

According to Octogon, BORD Architectural Studio has been designing quite a few modern buildings in Hungary recently. They designed the Sauska winery in Tokaj, which is currently under construction, the Aquaticum beach complex, the Debrecen International School, and the Nagyerdei Stadium in Debrecen, and the list could go on.

Those who took on the tender had no easy job, as the complex had a lot of criteria that needed to be met.

For example, the entire complex had to be multi-functional to accommodate more race types and even other types of events year-round. Of course, it also needs to be safe and modern. BORD Architectural Studio won the tender because they were able to fulfil all of the multitudes of criteria, 24 says.

The new racetrack will be built right next to the M3 line of the highway and, according to Octogon, the design studio utilises the available space very well.

Although the optimal path of the track was given by the tender, BORD had some say in the exact placement of the track. They oriented the home stretch on the North-South axis and also placed every service unit enclosed in the racecourse area to enhance security.


BORD designed two 12-metre-high banks around the curves of the racetrack in the main focus. These would be made naturally and would serve two purposes.

The first is quite obvious: it will protect the surrounding areas from crashes and also help to mitigate the noise, which is quite a useful thing when it comes to a racetrack. The second purpose is to create a kind of walkway over the stands which provides an interesting vantage point for viewers.

When considering the winning tender, the press and VIP sections were also important, Octogon says. In BORD’s design, these areas emerge from the asphalt of the racetrack, like some kind of ribbon caught in the wind.

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