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A newly developed EU-funded technology would require people crossing the borders to identify themselves, and they would have to pass a special lie detector test as well, reports HVG.

Among others, the new system called IBORDERCTRL will be tested at the Hungarian border. It involves using smart lie detectors equipped with artificial intelligence, according to the announcement of the European Commission, which was published on its website at the end of October.

The main role of the IBORDERCTRL system, which costs almost EUR 4.5 million fully financed by the EU, is to create a new intelligent control system at the Schengen Borders making easier to identify those who intend to enter the EU.

According to the description, it is far more than biometric data, namely the travellers would have to upload the documents which are necessary to enter the European Union and their picture from their passport through an online application, then they would have to answer personal questions through a webcam asked by an animated border guard. The artificial intelligence could tell if one has lied or not, through analysing the facial expressions and the records of the webcam.

As the second step of border control, guards would get hand implements to identify people again, and after taking fingerprints and vein scanning, IBORDECTRL would recalculate the risk the traveller would mean and the guards would only take over the control process from the system from here.

The system is soon to be tested in Hungary, Greece and Latvia. As a part of this, border guards are first getting to know the system which will be tested in under real-life conditions then. What is more, New Scientist claims that the 6-month test phase starts this month at four borders in 3 states and will be coordinated by the Hungarian Police. The Police first mentioned IBORDERCTRL in May in connection with the international border control training:

“this is an internationally developed multi-level border control system, which biometrically analyses the identity of passengers. The vain scanner data of the frequently travelling citizens will be added to the database, thus accelerating their entrance and exit with the intelligent control system and, at the same time, making easier to filter those who are not in it. The system is in the test phase; we are investigating its suitability for use as well as its data coverage.”

HVG simultaneously asked the Hungarian Police and the Ministry of Interior.

“The Hungarian Police is not coordinating such a project and no technology like this is being tested currently.”

they said.

As we have written earlier, Hungary takes an active part in developing artificial intelligence. Read more here.


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  1. An other knife in the back of honest European people! Free speech is the foundation upon which all other freedoms are built. When a nation’s citizens are unable to express their thoughts, ideas, and opinions without fear of criminal punishment, democracy crumbles and tyranny fills the vacuum. In spite of the utmost importance of free speech, the United States is the only country in the world with an ironclad right to free speech enshrined in its constitution. For a long time, other free countries such as those in Europe allowed and even protected free speech even though it was not regarded as a fundamental right. In 2018, though, free speech in Europe is in real danger.
    On October 25th, 2018 the highest human rights court in Europe – the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) – ruled that slandering the prophet Muhammad is not protected speech and is subject to criminal prosecution. This ruling came after an anonymous Austrian woman made statements at two seminars calling Muhammad a “pedophile” for his marriage to a six year old girl when he was fifty-six – a marriage that was consummated when the girl was nine according to Islamic teachings. After being fined for her statements, the woman took her case all the way to the ECHR, arguing that the punishment was a violation of her freedom of speech. However, the ECHR upheld the ruling, stating that criticizing Muhammad did not fall under the category of protected speech. According to the ECHR, the Austrian courts where the woman was convicted, “carefully balanced her right to freedom of expression with the right of others to have their religious feelings protected, and served the legitimate aim of preserving religious peace in Austria.”

    Of course, there’s a good reason why Austria feels the need to “preserve religious peace”. Like so many other European countries that have embraced multiculturalism and open borders, Austria has been flooded with Muslim immigrants who have refused to assimilate to Western culture. Now that these immigrants’ stranglehold on the European culture is so strong, leaders in Austria and Europe at-large have decided that restricting the free speech rights of their own citizens is a necessary sacrifice in order to appease the Muslim immigrants in their country and keep them from becoming violent. It’s a sad, terrifying reality, but there is little doubt that we are witnessing the death of an entire culture and continent. The leftist policies of open borders and multiculturalism have eroded away the European economy and culture. Now, European courts and leaders are eroding away the rights of their citizens as well in order to appease a group that isn’t used to having their beliefs challenged. Leftist leaders once envisioned a Europe where multiple cultures lived and worked in harmony. However, a single, unifying culture has been the glue that holds nations together ever since the dawn of civilization. The Muslim immigrants flooding into Europe have expressed zero interest in working harmoniously with their new European neighbors.

    Instead, their sole interest has been to turn Europe into a mirror image of the oppressive, war-torn Middle Eastern countries that they fled – and they are succeeding. Free speech looks as if it will be the first right to go, but more rights will follow. What’s even more terrifying is the fact that leftist politicians in the United States continue to hold up the European blueprint as the pinnacle of human achievement even as Europe crumbles before their very eyes. All of the things that have led to Europe’s demise are things that the left in the United States still fights for. The left in America fights for open borders and unchecked immigration. They fight for multiculturalism and the eroding away of American culture and values. They even fight for the oppression and limitation of free speech, arguing that anything they define as “hate speech” should be made illegal in the United States. In many Middle Eastern countries, speaking out against Muhammad or Islam is punishable by death. In Europe, it’s now punishable by a stiff fine. Thanks to leftist policies, free speech in Europe is now on life support and may never recover. Thanks again to leftist policies, Europe is on track to become little more than an extension of the Middle East.
    It may be too late for Europe. Drastic measures would be needed at this point to reverse the damage that has been done. However, it’s not too late for the United States to avoid following them down the same path to destruction. At least, not yet. If you haven’t already voted today, run right now to your designated polling station and vote Republican—they are the only ones left making sure America won’t capitulate their right to free speech like Europe has.

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