Pannon Philharmonic event

Are you a foreign student at a Hungarian university? Are you here on Erasmus? Do you want to learn about the Hungarian culture? Are you into music? Then the following programme is for you 😉

Classical Chill Out I.

Dress code: cool classical

All parties are definitely not created equal! Put on your Sunday best, call your friends and experience the exquisite acoustics of the Kodály Centre at an exclusive night of music by the Pannon Philharmonic, Hungary’s matchless symphonic orchestra.

Coming all the way from the US just for you, Gergely Vajda will lead the night. Not only is Gergely a master of the conductor’s baton, he’s also pure joy to listen to as he rhapsodizes about the music.

The program will showcase the best melodies from Hungary, Germany, Scandinavia and the Middle East.

We’ve added some film music for good measure, and organised the whole thing in the city’s most elegant venue.

Pannon Philharmonic event
Photo: Pannon Philharmonic

Throughout the evening, the brave of heart can try their hand at the conductor’s podium, and we’ve also prepared a free pre-concert backstage tour for anyone that’s curious.

Join us for a cross-cultural voyage and let the world’s universal language connect us here in Pécs!

Come in jeans or suit up to make the most of the opulent setting. A deluxe ticket will take you from the auditorium seats to a round table, where you can sip your refreshment while reveling in the onstage performance of the Pannon Philharmonic and Szofi Edelmann, the Voice of UP 2018.

It goes without saying, the night will definitely be one for the books!

Featured image: Pannon Philharmonic

Source: Pannon Philharmonic

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