Hungarian State Railways (MÁV) announced that the new inland and international train schedules come into force on the 11th December, and that there will be more lines in some of Budapest’s suburban areas, reports Turizmus Online.

According to MÁV, the aim of the new 2017 timetable, which includes more frequent train transport on certain lines and direct connections, is to improve their efficiency and competitiveness, and to make travelling by train more comfortable and appealing by exploiting the advantages of last years’ investments, development of the railway tracks and the vehicles  supported by EU sources.

The suburban transportation will include new lines from Budapest to Oroszlány, Martonvásár, Sárbogárd, Vác, Gödöllő, Hatvan and Szolnok.

There will be train transportation in every hour – except one time, in the morning – between Budapest and Veszprém from December on. Even more lines will run from Veszprém to Budapest in the morning and from Budapest to Veszprém in the afternoon on weekdays, so there will be train transportation in every half hour during the rush hours on this line.

The structure of the schedule will change between the capital city and Miskolc, as well as Sátoraljaújhely.

The December schedule-changing does not bring much change in terms of the international lines, but the train-name Kvarner comes back instead of Agram IC and, according to its new schedule, its end-terminal will be Fiume (Rijeka) during the whole year instead of Zagreb.

The schedule, valid from next Sunday, can be seen on the website of MÁV.

The announcement claims that the effects of the newest developments are going to be felt in 2017, such as the e-tickets from November, the ending of the renovation of the railway station in Székesfehérvár in December, and the installation of the last units of the FLIRT train engines from the latest order.  In connection to the latter it was also emphasized that the modern vehicles will run on new railes in the suburban area of Budapest and in the long-distance traffic.

Photo: MÁV

Copy editor: bm

Source: turizmusonline.hu

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