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I know everyone is pretty frustrated with life right now. My dad, probably the most chill person ever, yesterday goes “I wish this would just end”, in the voice of a man that is just so frustrated. But enough about my dad, he is not relevant to the article. I just wanted to share a fun anecdote. However, to not become like my dad, most people have turned to one of the most fun yet weirdest places in the world: the internet. There are some pretty weird things going on out there, you guys. Do not even get me started. But today, we are going to talk about the good stuff. The fun things everyone is doing and you should look into as well if you are bored or losing it.

  1. Dalgona Coffee

This new trend is the start of something new or old. I do not know, the internet is divided. Essentially, it is a certain kind of iced coffee recipe that is pretty simple. You just add some coffee, some sugar, and some water in a cup and blend it till it becomes a paste, then you add the paste to the milk, mix it, and you are good. It is so easy that everyone is doing it. So maybe you should too.

  1. Banana Bread

I do not know what it is about staying in that brings out the culinary expert in people, but it is the way of life, and who are we to question it. Well, apparently banana bread is a major hit in these strange times. People have been sharing their exploits all over Instagram. Just showing off. And if everyone is doing it, there is no harm in giving it a whirl, is there?

  1. Bingo

Now, this one, albeit a little strange, is a lot of fun. So, what is essentially happening is people on Instagram are making these fun bingo pamphlets; for example, things you did in school, your quarantine schedule, etc. Things a community of people relate to, and then they tag a bunch of people they like, who they want to be a part of this bingo, and then the cycle continues. So, yeah, truckloads of fun.

  1. Work Out Videos

Have you been on the ‘gram lately? It is filled, completely FILLED, with people showing off their workouts, and I am all here for this expression of your true self or whatever, but if I see one more workout video, I might scream. But that is okay, that is my personal problem, but hey, next time you are meditating, maybe you should make one and post it. It might go viral.

  1. TikToks

The pentacle of life on the internet. People are really extreme about this one. You either love it or hate it. Not gonna lie, though. It is pretty cute out there. There is a lot of quality content for whatever mood you are in. There are dance videos, makeup hacks, songs, and literally everything. Plus, they are pretty short, so they do not take up much time or attention. So, while you are waiting to rediscover the great outdoors, may I suggest looking into making an account on this platform, and, I do not know, master a dance and get famous. Do not forget to thank me if you do.

Well, I guess that is about it for the list for now. These are some light-hearted things happening on the internet at the moment that you can jump on the bandwagon for. I mean, you are already in a vegetative state anyways. Might as well participate in some top-notch quality content while you are at it. And if all else fails, call up some friends or family. They need you as much as you need them. Being social is our greatest strength. Just do it through a screen.

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  1. These ones are rather irrelevant in Hungary, except for baking bread. Real bread, though.
    I thought you would mention some of the great and special ones that we have here, like the incredibly popular folk dance challenges.
    Haven’t you seen those?

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