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An appeals court in Szeged, in southern Hungary, has sentenced four illegal migrants to one year imprisonment for breaking through the border fence at a road crossing in Roszke, on the Hungary-Serbia border, in January this year.

In its binding ruling passed on Tuesday, the appeals court also ruled that

the two Syrian and two Palestinian defendants should be expelled from the country for two years once they have served their prison terms, thus reducing four years of expulsion in the primary ruling.

The four migrants were part of a group of some 50 people that attempted to force entry into Hungarian territory on January 28.

The migrants pulled the wire fence down and started running in.

An officer shot in the air when seeing the “threatening crowd”, at which most of them retreated to Serbian territory.

Source: MTI

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  1. They should have gotten 20 years without possibility of early release.

  2. Now that these four Muslim ‘illegal migrants’ have been duly convicted under Hungarian law, it can only be hoped that they are given the same meals in Hungary’s prisons as OTHER convicts.

    Such diets rarely contain beef, chicken, lamb or veal – which are considered ‘delicacies’ for most Hungarians (yet alone prisoners !) – so these adherents of the Koran had better get used to eating PORK [or having NO MEAT for the next 12 months].

    There must be NO FAVOURS for migrant prisoners.

    Let us hope that their predicament quickly circulates on social media – it MIGHT just deter a few hundred thousand other ‘illegals’ from attempting to enter Hungary.

  3. A court system that has good judgement, respect for their own nation, recognizing sheep in wolf’s clothing and just plain old common sense? Is still legal in the year 2020? WTG Hungary!!

  4. Hungarian justice: refugees are in jail while the Hungarian convicted for child pornography will not never spend even a day in prison.

  5. Mario…..I agree with you for once. Pedophiles also should be incarcerated… They also should spend life in prison since the pansies here in Europe have abolished the death penalty. There is only one proven method to stop pedophiles….execution. There has never been a executed pedophile charged for another pedophile crime.

    Back to the migrants who criminally enter Hungary they also should get 20 years in prison. These are not migrants, they are criminals once the cut or climb a border fence. NO SYMPATHY.

  6. Like the ‘Pink Poodles’ (= poofie-woofies) in Brussels, Mario “gets his rocks off” by insulting every aspect of Hungarian life.

    How pathetic …..

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