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Photo: www.facebook.com/Lengyel-magyar barátság

On the 23rd of March, we celebrate the Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day. The day is usually marked by events and celebrations in both Hungary and Poland; this year however, these have been cancelled due to the pandemic we are now facing.

British born, Polish-South African filmmaker and video maker Stefan Tompson sent us a short spot, documenting the friendship between our two countries so we can still commemorate the day 🙂

The video highlights the Hungarian role in supporting the Poles with ammunition during the Battle of Warsaw in 1920, and conversely the medical supplies Poles sent to Budapest during your revolution in 1956. 

Further articles on the legendary friendship:

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  1. Polak, Wegier – dwa bratanki,
    I do korda, i do szklanki.

    Czy w Warszawie, czy to w Budzie
    Zawsze mysmo dobrzy ludzie.

    Oba zuchy, oba zwawi
    Niech ich Pan Bóg blogoslawi!

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