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As a next step to restarting the economy, two operative boards will be set up, one in charge of restarting the economy and the other tasked with relaunching social life, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told a business conference on Wednesday.

The board focusing on the economy and will be led by Péter Szijjártó, the minister of foreign affairs and trade. The other will be be led by Katalin Novák, the minister in charge of family affairs, Orbán said.

“At times of crisis there’s no normativity,” Orbán said.

“A crisis cannot be resolved with a consistent economic policy guided by liberal principles because this leads to austerity.”

In such a situation, he added, the principle of “equal treatment of players” must be altered and those who suffered the most or could provide the most for a recovery in particular should be “handled differently”.

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  1. At times of crisis ,what crisis , ??
    why not just lift all .. and I mean ALL restrictions ,
    and get back to normal , why not ??
    we need more control . from government why ??
    once they have power they never give it up .
    just leave people alone . and stop telling us what to do
    ,so we can get our lives back .

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