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The former American president gave an interview to the Spanish public television, TVE, broadcasted on Saturday night. He said that provided the United States and Europe are in unity, they have a significant influence in the world.

According to portfolio.hu, the Biden administration believes in the rule of law and the multilateral agreements, in cooperation, science and human rights. He said that Europeans should expect continuity between his government and the administration of his former vice president.

He said that the upheaval of the right-wing populism cannot be doubted because people do not feel safe. He highlighted that,

currently, the Republican Party is a far-right formation.

They deny climate change, they do not accept election results, but believe in conspiration theories from which the most extreme were spread by Donald Trump – he said about the republicans. He said that even the most developed countries are not immune to such thoughts. “We see this problem in Russia, Turkey, the Philippines and Myanmar. But it seems that it is also a problem in the United States, Spain, Hungary, and Germany.

Source: portfolio.hu

  1. What a spin by the Dumbacraps. If you take almost every single point made in this farce and reverse it.. You will find its much closer to the truth. Especially the imaginary EU & US unity point. The EU and the US are divided, there can be no forced unity down anyones throat. As for including the rest of the worlds countries, US leadership, look carefully in your own backyard and fix it! Dont preach to the rest of the world. The world already hates you born again lying preachers!

  2. It is time for Obama, Biden and future democrat dictators to realize that IT IS NONE OF THERE BUSINESS WHAT AND WHO THE HUNGARIAN PEOPLE VOTE FOR. No one elected the inane US presidents as dictator of the world. Imagine, the country that could almost be sunk in Lake Superior, threatening the US. It seems that these presidents are terrified of a small country. Hungary is David and the US is Goliath.

  3. If so many countries with such large population totals are “a problem” to you…Obama…you idiot, then maybe it’s YOU that has a problem.

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