London, 2017. szeptember 15. Gépfegyveres rohamrendõrök a kelet-nyugati irányban közlekedõ District Line metróvonal Parsons Green nevû állomásánál, London nyugati részében 2017. szeptember 15-én, miután az egyik metrókocsiban robbanásszerû jelenség történt és néhányan égési sérüléseket szenvedtek az arcukon. (MTI/AP/Dominic Lipinski)

There were no Hungarians among those injured in a minor terrorist blast in the London underground in the rushour on Friday morning, the Hungarian foreign minister Péter Szijjártó told a news conference later in the day.

“Terrorist attacks were committed in two important European capitals on Friday morning; a soldier was attacked in Paris, and the British authorities believe the explosion at a London subway station which left 18 people lightly injured, was also a terrorist attack”, the Minister recalled.

“We still have no information pointing to any Hungarians being involved; no calls have been made to the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate from Hungarians who need help or their relatives”, he highlighted.

“Hungary assures Great Britain and France of its solidarity.

The fact that more terrorist attacks have been committed forces us to raise the question of whether it is right that European politics is still not centred on establishing and restoring security, and why security isn’t the governing principle in the debate on illegal immigration”, he pointed out.

“It should be the duty of European political leaders to restore security to Europe and the European people; this should be their responsibility instead of continuing to put forward ‘generally false arguments’ in favour of illegal immigration”, the Foreign Minister stressed.

On Friday, a terrorist attack occurred in the London underground, at Parsons Green station at the south-eastern fork of the District Line. According to eye witnesses, a minor explosion occurred on the train during the morning rush-hour.

Also on Friday morning,

a man armed with a knife attacked a soldier in the centre of Paris; the prosecution service’s counter-terrorism section has launched an investigation.

On another subject, Szijjártó said that

Hungary would “never abandon Transylvania and Transcarpathia Hungarians”.

Hungary’s diplomacy is obliged to protect Hungarians wherever they live, he insisted, and referred to Ukraine‘s recent education amendment as a “shameful violation” of minority rights. He noted that he was in negotiations with his Bulgarian, Romanian, and Greek counterparts to resolve the issue. “This clearly shows that it is not exclusively a Hungary-Ukraine affair,” he added.

Photo: MTI/AP/Dominic Lipinski

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