Seven people in June but nobody in July wanted to enter the area of Hungary to request a refugee status, which could mean that the Hungarian government’s trick is well thought and works.

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Népszava reported that in the last few years, 50 to 60 people wanted to enter the country and registered to request refugee status in Hungary. This summer their number is only seven which could have happened because of the Hungarian Government’s new restriction that expects to make an official request to enter the country and after that a second one to be given refugee status. Authorities have sixty days to examine these requests and decide who is allowed to enter.

In some occasions, people are also interrogated at the embassies dealing with Hungarian refugee matters. If someone is allowed into Hungary, 30 days are provided to ask for the official papers. 

The trick is that this procedure only emphasises the longing for entering the country, which makes it different from real refugee requests. Therefore embassies in Kyiv and Belgrad are not obliged to provide shelters for these people. The European Commission reacted by stating that Hungary is very close to treating refugees like animals.

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Orbán: Becoming ‘immigrant country’ would push Hungary into decline

If Hungary avoids becoming an “immigrant country”, it will prosper, but otherwise, it will “regress, decline and stagnate”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s annual opening session on Tuesday.



  1. Hungary is a sovereign nation. It has every right to determine who enters the country. The mass migration has caused great problems at large financial cost. The memory is still fresh of 2015, of the hordes of people entered illegally into the country. The illegal migrants/refugees refused to cooperate with the government, ignored the laws, committed crimes, there was no end to their demands and and strew piles of garbage around the country side. In Germany, the unemployment of the 2015 entrants is high and this is uniform throughout the EU. No leader who puts the interest of its citizens first wants the chaos that happens in countries with open border.

  2. Thousands of Hungarian refugees left the country in 1956 and then again in 1989. And Hungary’s condition in those days was way less tragic than the present condition in countries such as Siria, Iraq, Afghanistan and others. Neverthless, no country rejected the Hungarians of 56 and 89.
    Now, Hungary’s illiberal regime treats refugees from above mentioned states in such an inhumane way that they do not even want to try Hungary. The world should remember this, for History turns around like a wheel and time might come again when Hungarians will be refugees. Not to speak of the shameless manner Hu’s government bites the hands of those European states that so much helped Hungary when the latter needed help.
    Shame on Hungary’s government, twice shame since they proudly claim to be “Christian” politicians. They never even read Jesus’ sermons, I guess.
    If I were Hungarian, i would feel ashamed.

  3. Shame is missing the point.
    There is a legal way to come to Hungary and an illegal way. Why should Hungary or any country accept people that are not willing to follow the rules and apply for entry?
    If I want to enter Shame’s house I will ask his permission. I cannot just walk in and expect him to feed me and give me a bed!

  4. Just one small but very important point that seems to have confused the author of this article.
    These people are NOT refugees. They are economic migrants.
    Hungary like all EU countries will accept genuine asylum seekers. The asylum seeker must prove he/she is in danger of death from their own country’s government. If they cannot prove that they are not allowed in.
    The behaviour of migrants in the counties that offered them shelter, provided them housing, food and medical treatment over the last 10 years has been shocking. Thousands of rapes of underage girls, daily riots and killings in Sweden, burning of historic Nantes Cathederal, terror attacks all across Europe, the need for armed military police on Brussels streets, and so on. I am sorry to say this to Shame but any goodwill from the taxpayers in EU has long since gone!

  5. Imagine a country that puts the welfare of it’s citizens first instead of political correctness. There is of course one country in Europe that is doing just that, it’s Hungary.
    Would it be better if Hungary were to fall prey to horror that has plagued most of the EU, an agenda that is best known by the ideals of the Open Society,, Antifa and of course BLM? An agenda that is currently bankrupting France and Germany and bringing the United States to the brink of Civil War.
    Maybe Hungary should submit to world opinion and Budapest could one day look like Portland Oregon or Seattle Washington.
    Viktor Orbán’s approval rating is at an all time high because he places Hungarian citizens and the nation first and not the dictates of Brussels.

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