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Scarecrows keep immigrants away from Hungarian border? – PHOTOS

Scarecrows keep immigrants away from Hungarian border? – PHOTOS

Pictures of sinister scarecrows reportedly planted to keep refugees away from the Hungarian border have appeared on social media. The country is to hold a referendum to decide if it will further accept the EU’s mandatory migrant quota system, reported.

The photos were released on Facebook by a group that pledges support to Hungary’s police and troops, including those patrolling the border. According to the group, the figures were carved from sugar beets. And the scarecrows which look like villains from some horror movie seem to be working – asylum seekers are reportedly avoiding such areas.


“Scarecrows made from sugar beet. Apparently working No [migrant] crossings in 4 weeks,” the statement above the pictures.


Visit their Facebook page HERE.


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  1. Anonymous

    I would start applying pork fat to the fences and place rotten pig carcasses along the perimeter.

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