Budapest (MTI) – The number of people incarcerated in penitentiaries in Hungary has risen by about 50 percent since 2008, state secretary Karoly Kontrat said at a press conference on Saturday.

Stricter laws give people greater security, Kontrat said.

He added that about 80 percent of those incarcerated had been put to work.

Andras Csoti, Hungary’s top prison official, said between 17,500 and 17,700 people are incarcerated in Hungary at present, although the capacity of jails and prisons is only 13,736. Cell space for another 6,000 is planned to be built by 2019, he added.


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  1. Since Germany is ready to process the 800,000 asylum seekers heard in other news reports. It should be ready to accomodate the criminals which will overflow Hungary soon enough. Considering its relative size, other EU countries should step up to the plate too as i’m sure there have been criminals released from the middle east and other places and told to head this way.

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