The renovated Nyugati Railway Station has been opened,  the scheduled traffic has started from Monday, said.

The Hungarian Railway Company (MAV) closed the railway station, which hosts 60-70 thousand passengers every day, because of urgent maintenance works on June 22. On the renovation of the station, 150-200 people of 8 professions worked, and approximately the same number of people carried out the one and a half year-long preparation.

Among others, they completed the maintenance of the passenger information systems, so the scripts will be more visible. They asphalted the passenger platforms, cleaned the glass and wall surface of the large hall, and replaced the broken and missing glasses. In addition, the removal of graffiti is constant in the subways.

According to, part of the work was the renovation and maintenance of the tracks, sidings and of several points in part of the introductory rails. 23 km of overhead lines have been screened, the interlocking of the station has been renovated and the full examination of them has been carried out.

On Monday, the traffic changes introduced until the renovation of Nyugati Railway Station have been finished – Budapest Transport Center (BKK) informed. You can travel on the lines of 12 and 14 trams according to the traffic order valid during the renovation of Gorgey ut; the 14A line is terminating. BKK informs about the traffic of trams and replacement buses on the website.

30, 30A, 32, 225 and 230 buses are operating according to the usual route and timetable. Rail tickets and passes, which were made out for Nyugati as a destination or departure, are not accepted on the lines of BKK.

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