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Barack Obama, the former president of the United States, gave an interview to CNN in which he expressed concern that the Republican Party today thinks of democracy in a way that would have been unacceptable five years ago.

Obama said that the road to undemocratic America will not happen in one bang but a series of steps, as we have seen in Hungary and Poland.

“Their traditions weren’t as deeply rooted and yet they have essentially become torn down.”

“My hope is that the tides will turn. But that does require each of us to understand that this experiment in democracy is not self-executing. It doesn’t happen just automatically,” he told CNN.

According to 24.hu, Obama’s interview was timely because two Senate commissions will soon publish reports on the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Five people were killed in the attack while Donald Trump’s supporters rushed the U.S. legislature. 

Obama now says that part of the elected Congress is willing to accept these allegations. The former president said several Republican politicians spoke in condemnation after the attack, but then they got back behind the party and talked about it no more.

This is not the first time that the former president commented on the Hungarian system. Last year, he was a guest on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah where he associated top-down dominant power with Hungary. Read more HERE.

On another occasion, he gave an interview to the Spanish public television where he judged the upheaval of right-wing populism. Read more HERE.

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Source: CNN, 24.hu

  1. Obama, just another mouthpiece (lap dog) of Soro’s. No one cares what that total failure as a US President thinks. America needs to take care of its own problems and shut its mouth. America is a dying empire near to fiscal and political collapse. The sooner the American empire dies the better of the entire planet will be. Hungary is a well goverened country and sure it does have a few problems but it is improving. Hungary will be around as a nation and a people long after the USA is another dead empire in the history books.

  2. Obama is a known liar, a know.racist and closet Marxist. He should have been tried for his crimes and subjected to the execution he deserves.

  3. Obama should start thinking what the US could do to control its border. Biden’s policy of open border and personal invitation allows the entry of murderers, terrorist, child molesters and gangs. Obama should start caring about his people. The People of Hungary are doing just fine without the bad advice of the rootless Blinken, senile Biden and Obama a failed US president.

    There are 59 dictatorships in the US, Obama picking Hungary is puzzling. No one is persecuted, killed because of political opinion. Obama and Biden tolerate terrorist BLM and ANTIFA that burn and loot American cities.
    So, Obama, comment on the mess you left for Mr. Trump.

    Obama, Keep Your Dirty Hands Away From Hungary!!!!

  4. Speaking about the breakdown of democracy, Americas 2020 election was a total failure of democracy with all the proven massive vote fraud, Federal Judges being threatened if they made unfavourable rulings on voting fraud cases etc etc. Obama is a proven fraud, he never attended any university, He was born outside the US which made him ineligible to be president, He is a racist of the worst kind, He and his team are actually running the Biden adminstration because senile Joe Biden cannot even tie his own shoe laces due to his severe senility. Listen to the pot calling the kettle black, Obama is full of it. Obama is just parroting what his paymasters are telling him to say.

  5. He is right. Hungarian people do not know what democracy is. Hungarian people do not understand the roll of a parlement,or an opposition. They want a strong leader and they want to obey him. Hungary like a dictatorship

  6. Obama was a disaster for USA.
    Putin completely outsmarted him in Syria
    Xi made China more powerful than USA and Obama did nothing!
    In my opinion the Obama years will do down in history as the period when USA gave up its world leadership position.

  7. Leave the poor Bugger alone. He needs appearance payments to maintain his 23 million worth of farm.

  8. I think Obama is also commenting on the mess left by the narcissistic Donald Trump. I’m interested to know whether anyone took Trump’s advice on ingesting bleach to combat covid? I mean it was a cracking piece of advice by a US President! Maybe he should have tried it ……..

  9. Obama is a classic black racist ,,
    he hates all whites ,
    and democracy ,

  10. A.Nonymous, indeed some people did listen to trump’s advice and ended up almost killed of course. Same thing would happen in Orbanistan, if the 5XL leader told his palinka addict supporters to jump from 8th floor because Fidesz people are supermen and can indeed fly, you will certainly hear of a few who did try…

  11. 8 years of race baiting and now it continues with Biden and is destroying the country-
    They can’t stop ranting about white supremacy and race – this by a man who was elected by white Americans twice. Soros funded BLM chapter to open soon in Budapest- your not a democracy if you don’t have one.

  12. Obama is the most stupid man. The US and Hungary are not democracies. We are republics.

    A pure democracy is evil and allows the majority to oppress the minority

  13. You will always have the HATE brigade targeting you, if you are doing well or you are different.
    We Hungarians ask all of those HATERS very politely to shut the F…..up and mind their own business.
    Hungary is doing very well thank you.
    It is some of these sick individuals inside and outside our country who TRY to create problems and destroy what we worked so hard for.
    We have everything we need, some of the world’s BEST BRAINS making sure of the just and proper
    way to GOVERN.
    It will take another generation to recover from the effects of our communist past.
    There is an old saying ” you can’t please everyone”.

  14. Said the Diva monkey that tried to play cops with ISIS. While contributing to the fire of international Isamic organizations to spread their deadly agenda.

  15. Obama neglected the white working class Americans who voted for him. He was so busy posing on the international stage that he didn’t even try to govern his country properly. He created the conditions necessary for an opportunistic chancer like Trump to come to power, and this was a disaster for virtually everybody in the world except the Russians and the Chinese. I hope nobody is listening to Obama, Trump or Johnson – all of them are very bad leaders who have no right to criticise the leaders of either Hungary or any other country.

  16. For the first time ever I look at a Hungarian newspaper and I see what knowledge I had about that tiny central European country is fully confirmed by most readers’ reaction.Racism,xenophobia,feelings of completely unjustified superiority complex,intolerance towards the ”other” be it skin colour,religion,language,sexual preference and so on . No other country (except maybe Austria) is trapped so much in its past ! Horrible nation since its arrival from the Asian steppe !

  17. Alexander Grumberg you do not know what you are talking about. You have absolutely no idea about the history of Hungary. You need to look at thing a little closer. It seems to me that you are brainwashed.
    The MD behind your name is meaningless. You can take sides with Obama who has equally no idea about Hungary and under his presidency ignited racism. I am certain that you looked the first time ever some liberal lefties paper or news media similar to CNN. The Hungarian nation is very welcoming but wants to keep its Christian heritage.
    Please do not express insulting opinions about something you have know knowledge about.

  18. Obama is a traitor, is in the plot of World Economic Forum with Klaus Schwab and Soros, and other world(gang) leaders.
    First wipe your own street clean before you talk about another country.

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