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The European People’s Party must regain its strength and return to its fundamental values, Gergely Gulyás, the head of the Prime Minister’s Office, told a regular press briefing on Thursday.

Referring to the EPP having elected Donald Tusk as its new leader in Zagreb on Wednesday, Gulyás said that Tusk had “made a speech with nothing objectionable included except his criticism concerning the protection of the [EU’s] external borders and border fences”.

He argued that Europe could not be defended from illegal immigration without effective border protections and such fences.

Tusk “needs to decide which direction he will choose”, Gulyás said. From the EPP’s point of view the key question is whether it will retain the values it was founded on, he added.

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz “needs a conservative, centre-right democratic alliance and if the EPP envisages such a future, Fidesz, as the grouping’s most successful member, will be at its service”, Gulyás said.

Source: MTI

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