The 15th Language Parade at Millenáris (12 – 14 September) is a real bonanza for anyone who wants to discover the world of language learning. 

What is best about the event is that it gives you a good point of departure if you are puzzled, or have no idea how to take the first step in learning, in taking an exam, or in going abroad. Everything is within easy reach: there is no need to write e-mails, make phone calls and visit in person if you are in search of a language school.

The official site of the event ( has a long list of activities for visitors. But you may find the real gems if you have a look at exhibitors: the Turkish Cultural Centre, for example. There is also an embassy attending the parade.

In Building D, you can attend special cultural events, so called co-exhibitions: „African Days” and „South American Days”. You may attend lectures, enjoy the fair or the various exhibitions, and learn more about the culture of these regions.
In two rooms, the organisers also hold special lectures on language learning including:

„Have You Ever Tried It In The Bath? Effective Memory Techniques For Language Learners (Too),
Making a mistake is an opportunity not a risk,
Chinese Demo Class,
How to prepare for ORIGÓ exam? Hints and tips”

written by Magdolna Magonyi


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