Budapest (MTI) – US-owned carmaker Opel will set up a 1.7 million euro training centre at its plant in Szentgotthard, in western Hungary, Joachim Koschnicke, in charge of Opel’s government relations in Europe, announced on Friday.

Download (4)Fully 700,000 euros will go toward building the structure and 1 million will be used to purchase equipment, Koschnicke said. The centre will open this autumn, he added.

It was also announced on Friday that GBS, the business service company of Opel’s parent company General Motors, will open an office in Budapest in May, initially employing 40 people.

Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto told a press conference at the opening event that Hungary was performing well in the sharpening international competition for new investment projects. Opel and its parent company are strengthening the Hungarian economy by combining the skills and efficiency of Hungarian labour with state-of-the-art technology, he added. It is apparent that GM trusts Hungary and the Hungarian people, he said, given its willingness to set up a strategically important service centre in charge of global financial and accounting services in Budapest.

US Ambassador in Hungary Colleen Bell told the event that she had visited several US firms in Hungary since taking up her post a month ago. It is clear that Hungary has a positive investment environment and excellent workforce, she said.

Photo: MTI


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