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The opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has accused Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of trying to “blackmail the EU” by making Hungary’s support of the loan package for relaunching the bloc’s economy conditional on the European Commission dropping its Article 7 procedure against Hungary.

Klára Dobrev, an MEP for the leftist party, told a press conference on Friday that the government was also holding the deal hostage because it did not want the dispersal of EU funds to be linked to the issue of the rule of law.

She said DK will not back the government’s draft resolution aimed at giving itself a mandate to negotiate on the European Union’s loan package for rebooting the economy.

Parliament is scheduled to debate the EU recovery plan in a special session next week.

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Dobrev accused Orbán of showing willingness to withhold EU support from European small business owners, jobseekers and from the development of coronavirus treatments until the bloc “gives him the okay to continue using EU funds as he pleases”.

Ruling Fidesz said in reaction that “the party of [former premier] Ferenc Gyurcsany” was “again going against Hungary’s interests”.

The ruling parties have three requirements when it comes to the loan package, Istvan Hollik, Fidesz’s communications director, told a press conference, saying that the package should be fair, the money coming from it should be spent on rebooting the economy and it should not be mixed with politics.

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He insisted that these conditions represented Hungary’s national interests, and the ruling parties had therefore asked the left-wing opposition “not to turn the issue of the recovery plan into a partisan political battle; but it appears they’ve failed.”

“They’re so hungry for power that they’ve turned against Hungary’s interests for the umpteenth time,” he said, insisting that the opposition did not want the country to receive development funds under the Fidesz-led government.

“They think they can weaken the Fidesz-Christian Democrat government and regain power by causing as much damage to Hungary as possible.”

Source: MTI

  1. So, basicly, Fidesz wants EU money, without conditions, to keep using and misusing it to fund its own policies ( useless football stadiums, anti-EU propaganda, museums and other institutions for History fabrication, ridiculous consultations with answers already written in the questions, seizure of media etc.etc.etc. ) and they even expect the opposition to agree and keep silent. Pathetic.
    Blackmail, grab the milk, bite the hand that feeds you, but do not expect the others to be your accomplices. Be serious, at least.

  2. Mario, You don’t even live in Hungary, your most like one of Soros paid trolls sitting in the USA pushing his leftist one world bordlerless marxist wet dream. Hungarians are free to vote for whomever they choose in elections and for some reason the past few election cycles they chose Fidisz candidates enough times to make them they majority party by an overwhelming amount of seats. Hungary should do what is right for Hungarians NOT what little twerps like you want them to do. They are NOT going to capitulate to the Brussels paid lackeys of Soros who want Europe over ran with migrants. I think Hungary and most of Eastern Europe remember the terrible suffering they took from The Ottoman Empire and the muslim tyranny they barely survived. GO AWAY MARIO. Get a life and stopping spreading that trash Soros pays you to spread.

  3. It is called “politics”. It is time Hungary’s sovereignty was recognized and accepted by the EU. The majority voted for the FIDESZ government and minority parties have no right to work against the interest of the people.

    Well done Hungary

  4. Sweden wants funds withheld from Hungary because Hungary will not accept migrants.
    That seems pretty close to the definition of blackmail to me!
    When will socialists realise that the EU needs to change its policy on migration?

  5. Well, folks, to my mind the country of Hungary is able to do whatever it would like to do. Anti-migrants – okay, following its own policy in terms of setting its own priorities, its own projects, ideas, and so forth – also okay, disclaiming Soros – also okay. And so on and so forth.

    But at the same time Hungary shouldn’t be surprised if the EU will cut back on funding Hungary. There is an old saying “who pays the piper calls the tune”.

    So these are very different things – EU funding and migration. In my opinion, if Hungary doesn’t accept the idea of allowing migrants to the country (I also share this approach and don’t want migrants from Asia or Africa to be here in my home country), then we shouldn’t do that. And the vast majority of people that live in the country don’t want these migrants. Nevertheless, we should realize that our decision might have consequences such as cutting back on the EU funding. What are we going to choose? Being with funds and with migrants, or being without both of them?

    From my perspective it is much better to refuse from both migrants and funds. It is much better to strengthen our own economy in order to able to live without these funds. Like, for instance, Austria or the Netherlands live.

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