Deputy speaker of parliament Koloman Brenner, of conservative Jobbik, has initiated a special meeting of parliament’s foreign affairs committee to hear Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó on the situation in Belarus.

Brenner told a press conference on Tuesday that he had submitted a draft for a committee position in which parliament calls on the government to “express support immediately and without hesitation for the freedom and independence of the people of Belarus and for repeating the elections in a free and democratic manner”.

Jobbik considers civic democratic values and freedom very important, which includes holding fair elections without fraud and violence, he said.

Brenner expressed concern about the Hungarian government‘s failure to make its position clear about the Belarus events.

He stressed the need to maintain balanced relations with all countries but called it worrying that

the Hungarian cabinet is “developing ever-closer ties with such single-party authoritarian states as Russia, China and Turkey”.

Brenner emphasised that

the balance of Hungary’s foreign relations should be restored as soon as possible.

The iconic Chain Bridge in Belarusian colors! 🇧🇾🇭🇺

Zveřejnil(a) Daily News Hungary dne Úterý 18. srpna 2020

  1. Frankly, the Internal affairs of Belarus or for that matter any other sovereign nation are NONE OF the business of Hungary or any other nation except Belarus. Here is a novel ideal. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

    The only reason Jobbik is saying anything is because their benefactor Soros told them to do so. I am certain he is amongst those stirring up trouble in Belarus. He has a well known track record for stirring up trouble all over the planet.

  2. Absolutely true Jack!
    How is it that demonstrations can be covered in such detail by the left wing media like Euronews and BBC with photos, commentary, comments from participants yet on riots in UK and USA can be ignored and even deaths not reported. Billions of dollars of damage has been caused in USA but virtually no coverage.
    The whole belarus issue is for one reason only. To allow the Soros globalusts to rape Belarus.

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