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Opposition parties demand higher wages for teachers

Opposition parties demand higher wages for teachers

The opposition LMP and Párbeszéd parties on Sunday demanded big salary increases for teachers.

LMP spokesman Máté Kanász-Nagy, speaking at a press conference marking national teachers’ day, proposed that career models should offer teachers “salaries equal to those of the government’s state secretaries”. He went on to say that the education system was much too centralised and it “would have long collapsed if it weren’t for teachers”.

LMP wants high quality, modern and free education, the spokesman said, adding that improving conditions for teachers was crucial to achieving these aims.

He insisted that “the freedom of education must be restored”; teachers should have the right to select textbooks, to have some freedom to deviate from the national curriculum, and have a say when their headmasters are appointed.

Párbeszéd spokesman Richárd Barabás spoke at another press conference and called for an “immediate and radical” pay rise. He argued that better conditions for teachers was a prerequisite to developing education in the 21st century.

Párbeszéd proposes that schools should employ more assistant teachers and psychologists, reduce the size of classes and reduce red tape, as well as offer teachers a sabbatical year every 7-8 years.

Barabás also criticised Miklós Kasler, the new education minister, whom he quoted as proposing that “the information we pour into children’s heads is still not enough”. Rather than making children “repeat dogmatic answers”, Barabás said, they should be given the skills of critical thinking.

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