Budapest, March 19 (MTI) – Opposition parties have voiced protest against a recent government bid worth a total 420 billion forints (EUR 1.4bn), citing risks of corruption around the programme.

In a statement, green LMP accused the government of aiming to help companies associated with the ruling parties to hefty contracts. “This is Fidesz’s umpteenth attempt to legalise corruption, but no matter how they shape the rules, theft will be theft,” the party said in a statement.

The oposition Jobbik said that the bid was put out in preparation for “Europe’s largest corruption case”.

The Együtt (Together) party will file a complaint with the European Union’s anti-fraud office in an effort to “prevent Fidesz-associated oligarchs to loot Hungarians’ funds”.

The Hungarian Liberal Party suggested that “Fidesz is uncertain about an election victory in 2018, and wants to ensure that its own favourites profit from programmes financed by EU taxpayers well before the fall”.


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