Erdogan protest

The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) has hung a banner with the slogan “Love is Love” on Parliament’s facade in protest against the meeting of the Turkish president and Hungary’s prime minister at the legislature on Monday.

DK chose this form of protest after authorities withheld permission to hold a demonstration at the site, the party’s spokesman told a press conference.

“Viktor Orbán has shown his Turkish role model that the people can be silenced within the EU, too,”

Zsolt Greczy said, referring to Recep Tayyip Erdogan. He said DK had chosen the banner to send the message “to the dictators” that they are both persona non grata in Europe.

Erdogan protest

The two leaders have “the oppression of their own people” in common and both are dismantling democratic institutions, Greczy said.

With a similar reasoning, the opposition Dialogue for Hungary party also hung a banner on the Parliament’s facade with the title “Dictators”. As seen on the cover photo of this article, it featured Vladimir Putin, Viktor Orbán and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Featured image:árbeszédMagyarországért

Source: MTI

  1. DK!!!!!!DK???? Just who the hell do they think they are? Gyurcsány seriously needs to control his rubbish party. Morons, that’s what they are. DK, and for that matter, Gyurcsány, will never see the head of the Hungarian parliament. Who wants liars and thieves in charge of our country? Surprises me and many others that Gyurcsány isn’t in life prison by now, where he belongs.

  2. Another prime example of how the sociopath-Lib-Turds accuse the ruling party of silencing the media and everything thing else. Yet, when the government is showing openness and inviting leaders of other countries for discussion. They want them shutout and protest it. Because only the opposition is right?! Total Fookin Hypocrites.
    Watch, by next week the opposition will DEMAND!! to be told what was discussed….
    I hope someone soon finds a bus to toss this raging psychopath Gyurcsany under…

  3. Dear Matt, I think Gyurcsány is doing this himself. The only reason he is still in politics, is for him to keep his precious immunity. Without that and all the precious money he has stolen from Hungary, he would be in prison now. Think on why he signed ALTUS over to his wife, to cover himself from liabilities. He’s Communist and nasty with it.

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