Budapest (MTI) – The opposition Dialogue for Hungary party (PM) will launch a consultation drive about the new “propaganda ministry” to be headed by outgoing Fidesz group leader Antal Rogan, a spokesman said on Sunday.

Starting on Monday, the party will ask people’s opinion about the new cabinet office to aid the prime minister’s work, Rogan’s “property deals” and the state residency bond scheme, Richard Barabas told MTI.

The questions will be posted on the party’s website and on Facebook, he said.

The government has already spent 80 billion forints (EUR 259m) in taxpayers’ money on promoting itself in the public service media, and Rogan will be elected “propaganda minister” from Monday, Barabas said.

His ministry will have another 25 billion forints to spend on “continued poisoning of people’s minds,” he added.

Antal Rogan will take his oath during Monday’s plenary session of parliament.



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  1. Are you Socialists sick in the head or something? The new internal ministry under Antal Rogan has been set up to assist and help the work of the gonernment. It is not a “Propaganda Ministry” as you put it, but a ligitimate ministry. The Socialists are a hindrance to Hungary, a shamefull hindrance. You should all be working together to help the country not to slander or badly critisize when something doesn’t go to your liking. You are monsters to the cause. It is the likes of the Socialist and Liberal parties that are behind the problem with the European Parlament. Get rid of them all and Europe will be a much safer continent, and a far better place to live.

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