Budapest (MTI) – Parties of the opposition have sharply criticised the government for its policy concerning central school manager Klik, and in particular for removing its leader and appointing Annamária Pölöskei to the post.

Dóra Dúró, head of parliament’s cultural committee, delegated by Jobbik, noted that Pölöskei has now been the third Klik chief since the agency’s foundation three years ago. That indicates the government’s acting in a rush rather than an effort to make systemic changes, she said.

Jobbik suggests that schools should be restored to local governments that “had proved to be good masters”, Dúró said.

According to the Democratic Coalition (DK), the appointment of Pölöskei, who is President János Áder’s sister, indicates a “well-working family policy”. Family members of politicians will “obtain public contracts in the billion-forint range, state-owned land and national tobacco shops,” the party said. The relatives of politicians “happen to be Hungary’s best independent experts, too”, they added ironically.

The Együtt (together) party’s Szabolcs Szabó said that Klik had been founded on an ill-considered concept and called on the government to scrap it. He said that Pölöskei was a good and well-known expert, but added that appointing the president’s sister was “not elegant”.

Liberal executive Anett Bősz said in a statement that Klik should not be reformed but scrapped. She also said that “a pro-family government should not be equal to the families of the government and ruling Fidesz to good positions”.

Photo: MTI


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  1. It would appear that this paper’s interpreters from domestic into english are relatives of politicians, too.

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