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Tarifa, 2018. június 15. A spanyol tengeri mentõszolgálat által a tengerbõl kimentett, Európába igyekvõ illegális bevándorlók a dél-spanyolországi Tarifa kikötõjében 2018. június 15-én. A mentõk 38 kiscsónakból 307 migránst vettek hajójuk fedélzetére. Négy migráns tengerbe fulladt. (MTI/EPA/A. Carrasco Ragel)

If decisions as to “which migrants entering Europe should be given refugee status” were made in Brussels “it would even pose a greater danger than migrant quotas“, Antal Rogán, head of the prime minister’s cabinet office, told public Kossuth Radio on Sunday morning.

Rogán said that countries accommodating hundreds of thousands or millions of migrants were facing serious, everyday problems, while migration “poses a danger for central Europe because of the open internal borders”. That is why Hungary would not receive migrants and cannot be obliged to do so, Rogán said, and argued that the country “had not agreed to do anything of the kind when it joined the EU”.

Rogán said that

it was not Hungary but “George Soros‘s organisations” that broke European laws “with support from the Brussels”.

European leaders promote “the ideology of a United States of Europe which nobody has approved” rather than the interests of member states.

Rogán called it “appalling” that “Soros’s ships routinely carry migrants from Africa to Europe”

and urged that EU members should follow the example of Italy and ban such ships from their harbours. “The right principle is to assist where there is a problem and send aid to countries of origin rather than import the problem to Europe and then distribute it among EU members,” he said.

The EU, Rogán said, should reimburse each member state 50 percent of its border protection spending. According to him, Hungary should receive some 150 billion forints (EUR 464m) after 2020 for that purpose.

Photo: MTI/EPA/A. Carrasco Ragel

Source: MTI

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