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Pécs, Hungary. Photo: MTI

Hungary’s youth are the key to the survival of a family-friendly Hungarian nation, a human resources ministry official said on Monday marking International Youth Day.

Young people today face “countless challenges”, but the government aims to support them in every way it can so that they can take advantage of the opportunities presented to them, deputy state secretary Boglárka Illés told a press conference in Székesfehérvár, in central Hungary.

Among the challenges faced by young people today, she listed safety, the need for a safe future, security of livelihood, starting out in life, and starting a family.

Young people envision their futures in families, Illés said, adding that more than two-thirds of them see themselves living in Hungary. The government will provide all the help it can in making their plans a reality, she said.

Detailing the government support schemes geared towards the youth, she noted the reimbursement of written driver licence test and language proficiency exam fees, which 75,000 people have already availed of.

Starting next year, some 140,000 secondary school students will get the chance to take part in two two-week foreign language courses abroad. She added that a number of other measures in the government’s family protection action plan have been designed to help young people starting out in life.

The United Nations General Assembly declared August 12 as International Youth Day exactly 20 years ago, Illés noted.

House Speaker: good Hungarians have at least 3 Hungarian children

As we wrote today, László Kövér shared his thoughts on demography in Gyergyószentmiklós (Transylvania, Romania) and said that the good Hungarians are not those who speak Hungarian but those who have at least 3-4 children and 9-16 grandchildren, all speaking Hungarian and committed to their nation.

Source: mti

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