Orbán migration campaign truck
Budapest, 2018. november 28. Kisteherautó óriásplakáttal a Miniszterelnökség elõtt, amelyet Kovács Zoltán kormányszóvivõ mutatott be a Kormányinfó sajtótájékoztatón 2018. november 28-án. Az angol felirat jelentése: “Százak haltak meg terrortámadásokban 2015 óta… de Guy Verhofstadt azt mondja: „nincs bevándorlási válság” (2018.04.07.) Ez ostobaság!” MTI/Balogh Zoltán

Efforts in Brussels are underway to ban a Hungarian government mobile advertisement campaign, Csaba Dömötör, state secretary at the Cabinet Office, said in a video message on the government’s Facebook page uploaded on Thursday.

The Hungarian government commissioned van with a billboard to drive around Brussels highlighting the consequences of the European Union‘s migration policies, Dömötör noted, adding that several hundred people had died in terrorist attacks throughout Europe. “Yet leader of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe Guy Verhofstadt insists there is no migration crisis in Europe.”

On Wednesday, the van was stopped by police and they “forced” the driver to remove the billboard while forbidding a recording to be made of their action, Dömötör said.

“This shows that there is censorship in Brussels and efforts are being made to ban the government campaign” he said. This is unacceptable because the billboard van is a legal and an important way of expressing an opinion, he added.

It is unacceptable that Verhofstadt could express his opinion but “they want to ban us Hungarians from doing so”.

“We insist that the opinion of Hungarians should also be represented in the debate,” he said.

European Liberals launched a van campaign in Brussels in early November which later moved to Hungary. Their poster showed Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the following sentence in English on one side: “First he took our money, now he wants to destroy Europe.” The other side of the poster showed the following message written in Hungarian: “Initially he just wanted our money, now Europe’s unity is at stake.”


Source: mti

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