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Social sector workers will receive a 14 percent wage hike retroactively from Jan. 1, Human Resources Minister Miklós Kásler announced on Wednesday.

The wage hike will comprise an 8 percent increase in the minimum wages for both skilled and unskilled social sector workers as well as an additional 6 percent increase, Kásler told a press conference.

The raise will affect 84,000 people working in state, local council, church or NGO-run institutions, with their wages rising by an average of 30,000 forints (EUR 89), the minister said.

The sector’s workers already received the 8 percent increase this month and will get the full 14 percent raise in March retroactively from January 1, Kásler said.

The wage hike will increase the lowest wage in the sector to 177,000 forints from last year’s 155,000 forints, with the highest earners receiving 473,000 forints compared with last year’s highest wage of 415,000 forints, Kásler said.

Source: MTI

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