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Bécs, 2018. december 18. Orbán Viktor miniszterelnök (elsõ sor b3) az EU-Afrika Fórum családi fotózásán a bécsi Ausztria Központban 2018. december 18-án. Balról Juha Sipila finn miniszterelnök (b), Peter Pellegrini szlovák miniszterelnök (b2). MTI/Koszticsák Szilárd

Chances are good for “the Hungarian strategy” to be confirmed at the EU-Africa Forum in Vienna, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said ahead of the meeting on Tuesday.

“Our position is that help must be taken to Africa rather than problems being brought to Europe, especially not to Hungary,” he said.

“We would like to confirm this strategic principle, and we have a good chance of doing so,” he added.

Commenting on the United Nations Global Migration Compact, he said the majority of UN members are migrant countries of origin so it is natural that the majority in the UN supports migration.

“We belong to the other side of the coin … and we don’t want migration in Hungary,” he said. “We won’t sign any contract that recognises, encourages or finances migration at an international level.”

“We will uphold our anti-migration policy,” Orbán said.

Featured image: MTI

Source: MTI

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